About me

Hi, I'm DJ Watson. A filmmaker in Southern California who loves to pick up the camera and create.


I've always been interested in creating stories, so I decided to pick up the camera start making it happen. 


I was always frustrated seeing poor quality videos and photos online and I knew I could shoot it in a better way, so I created my own production company to help other people with this problem. 


I started this business because I realized it would be a creative outlet for myself and clients.  


I've been filming for over three years and have been doing it professionally for two. I'll shoot anything from real estate, restaurants, travel, car, music videos and more. Having the creative eye has helped me out tremendously when trying to tell my clients stories. Let's create yours today.

In my free time I enjoy traveling with my fiance, photography, and spending time with my two dogs Macie and Maggie. If I'm not behind the computer editing, I"m in the mountains hiking, at the gym exercising or on the road running.

Feel free to reach out through instagram, email or call.

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