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Video Business Cards in 2019

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Business cards are the basic foundation when you’re setting up your own business. They’re the perfect method of subtle marketing to make people aware regarding your offerings. However, business cards have been common since years now and they fail to stand out anymore.

So now, the question is, can business cards be made more attractive and taken up a notch?

The answer to this is fairly simple. Yes! Because now you have access to VBC’s aka Video Business Cards, which mixes the aim of marketing video production with a normal contact card. The ideology is to grasp attention at the first glance and make an impression such that ensures that the card is kept for longer by its recipient.

Below are a few reasons why a business card can prove to be not only important but also fruitful for your business:


The first and foremost reason why you should be using a video business card is because it allows you to show entrepreneur videos once the recipient opens it up. Videos are way more attractive and engaging than texts. In fact, short explainer videos on your business card may even be able to give a quick idea of what your business actually is.

Last longer

Video Business cards are also more environmentally friendly because you can’t throw them off, they are rather keepsakes and more or less ensure, by their own selves, that the recipient keeps them. The brief commercial on your card also makes it more memorable than others. And above all, develops your recipient’s interest in the work because VBC’s aren’t as common currently and are significantly eye catching.


They are considerably more easy to use because all you’re actually doing is putting forward the message of your business to potential consumers or even partners in a small card which does not require electricity to work and instead are battery operated. If your company hires a professional videographer, he or she would know to shoot your company’s video, or design it in a way that fits the persona of a business card as well.

Sets You Apart From Competition

Each time you do something new, it helps you be different from the usual. Surprisingly, if you stand out you’d be even more attractive to your consumers. Since the concept of Video Business Cards is fairly new and interesting, it will sure build a very good impression of your company to begin with, which will in turn significantly boost up your business also.

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