Top 5 reasons why your business NEEDS video in their marketing plan.

Top 5 reasons why your business NEEDS video in their marketing plan

Are your marketing efforts not converting as well as you would like them to? Want to know the secrets of why create video that converts? In this article, I’ll share 5 tips that will help you understand the power of video.

Customers that visit your website usually leave without reading it all the way through. We’re visual creatures. We’re much more likely to watch a video on a certain subject than read it. Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service (Wyzowl, 2018). It’s the harsh truth and ironic that I’m writing this instead of filming a video on it (soon).

So how do you make sure that your content marketing efforts aren’t going to waste? Well, you follow these 10 tips, and I promise it’ll help you desire video marketing for your business.

1. Increases Google ranking

Google decides its ranking from the amount of time viewers spend on your website. This time is mostly dependent on what your site has to offer. Most commonly, people prefer staying on sites for a longer time if they get to see attractive, but brief video commercial. The interesting statistic in relevance to this is that around 80% of people will actually remember your company or website for longer if they felt connected with the commercials.

2. Makes Your Consumers Happy

What’s the most important factor when it comes to your company’s marketing? How much your customers and potential consumers enjoy it. It is reported to have been said that almost 90% of people prefer watching video advertisements instead of other mediums such as pop-up advertisements. Also, more than 60% of people will be interested to visit your website once they have seen your video.

3. The Best Demonstration For Your Product/Service

Visually seeing your product and service in action creates a special bond between business and consumer. By being able to understand the who, what, where, and why, customers are more willing to buy. I recommend all of my clients to invest in a VBC to truly show your brand.

Kickstarter campaigns especially require video to help promote their ideas. It’s estimate that 72% of consumers are MORE willing to donate to a project based on the video production alone. Now’s the time to invest in video.

4. Improves the SEO of your website

Properly optimizing videos for search will greatly increase your chances of being brought up to the from page of google. In other words, no matter what a person is searching for online, it’s highly likely that they will come across some sort of video content early in their results.

First, it shows that search engines like Google are placing more emphasis on video and presenting them higher (and more frequently) in their search results.

Second, it means companies that don’t have video content optimized around their target keywords are missing out on a huge opportunity that their competitors can easily take advantage of.

Third, it creates a new opportunity (and in the case of YouTube, a different website) to get your message in front of people in addition to your other text-based content.

5. Grabs the attention faster than text

As stated above, where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. This means that people show a preference for video content over text.

Consumers continue to value video content highly as part of their buyer journey. While viewers most commonly use video as a starting point to build their knowledge about a product or service, it’s also interesting that video has also acted as a ‘tipping point’ for an overwhelming majority of consumers – a decisive factor that convinces them to buy or download a product or piece of software.

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