Which type of video is right for your business?

Which type of video is right for your business

When you are marketing your business, you want it to be eye catching. To be able to get at that point, it is almost necessary for you to think about marketing a little more creatively than just thinking about spreading across the message. You need to know what would the most suitable way be of marketing video production in terms of the types available to you, for the type of business you own.

So how do you choose what video type fits your business?

The first step is to research on the types of videos you can work with and then partner with a company which can provide you with videographers who would have adequate knowledge of what your business requires. If you’re a company based in Los Angeles, you would want to create something closer to the LA Advertising style, which can be easily achieved by a Los Angeles video production company or a Los Angeles music video production company.

The basic aim of a marketing video production or commercial is:

a) To convince visitors to buy your services or products

b) To divert them from your video, to the website

c) To give your existing and potential customers and fair idea of your business

Branding Videos

An entrepreneur video or commercial which aims to attach your brand name to a commonly used product i.e. to lay in the mind of consumers a strong connection between a common utility and your product. For example, whenever one thinks about tapes, the first name that comes to their mind is Scotch Tape. Branding videos can be of any type but are mostly corporate.

Promotional Videos

If your product or service is not selling enough, you might want to market it to grow your profits. In such a case, you should be creating a promotional video which would aim to create more awareness of the use of your product and may encourage people to actually buy it. To make a promotional video even more attractive and interesting, you can use 2D animation (if it suits your business persona) or even a logo animation.

Informative Videos

These videos are more like explainer videos which aim to give an overview of the business. To make the consumer and partners aware of what the business actually is, hence, they work more like informants than promoters. Information can be delivered very well with whiteboard animations but if your business is slightly more formal you can use a rather professional template for your video.

Tutorial Videos

More than 100M hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year. What’s even more immense are the growing increase of searches year by year. Roughly 70% of youtube searches are “how to” in 2019. Educational videos will always represent your brand better than your competition. It shows your willingness to help your customers and provide them with valuable content.

Testimonial videos

The best type of advertisement is a satisfied customer, right? Most definitely, and this fact gives you the opportunity to give back to your customers for their loyalty to you. Setting up a time to interview previous customers and have them talk about your brand in front of the camera. Even though good words are always expected, the fact that people are taking the time to do this is a good sign.

To get a better idea from a place which would be able to walk you through this process, reach out. Until then happy marketing!

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